Gun Disposal, Gun Turn In Program, Remove Guns, or Military Surplus From your home free, no questions asked 

Get rid of those old Military Guns, or Guns or Rifles that you have laying around that you don't want anymore! 

Free gun removal, dispose of un-used weapons or guns that you want to rid from your home that can kill or injure your family or children.  If you have a pistol or rifle that you want to get rid of:

Call The Gun Removal Guys: 239-370-7000

There is a program that has been started in Naples Florida that is geared towards those that have guns or military weapons and they want to get rid of them.  This program is a no questions asked program that people can call, and our group will come over to your house no questions asked, to pick up the gun, and dispose of it properly, or if the weapon has significant history, or is a gun that should be displayed in a museum, we will offer the gun to the appropriate museum.

The program was started by two ex-Navy guys that are tired of hearing about kids, or adults getting injured or killed by guns that are in homes.  Many people have old weapons or war souvenirs from past wars in their homes, and want to dispose of them, but do not know how.  That is where we step in.  We go to the home no questions asked, pick up the rifle or pistol, then dispose of it by destroying the firing mechanism, and disposing of the metal at the county land fill.  You would be surprised at the amount of rifles and pistols that people have in their garage, or in the attic that they just want to dispose of, yet they do not know what to do with the old guns, or ordinance that they possess.  We go anywhere in Florida, or the South East and will make an appointment to come to your home and pick up the rifle, pistol or shotgun, without any questions.  Many people have war items that are illegal to possess, and this is where we step in.  To date, we have disposed of over 100 various weapons that have the potential to kill or injure you, your children, or a family member.  

We are a couple of guys that want to see guns that people do not know how to handle, or want removed, to have a free, no questions asked venue to remove the weapons that they have in their homes.  If the weapon is a collectable weapon of historical value, the gun will be donated to a local museum for display.  Most of the weapons that the men have collected are pistols or rifles that are not collectable, with many pistols being dangerous old weapons that have the chance to explode if fired.   

If you want to get rid of a gun, pistol, rifle or weapon, give these guys a call.  They can be contacted at 239-370-7000. Or email us at 


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